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Brooke & Breasties

Brooke & Breasties

I am a firm believer that we all come into each others lives with a purpose. Each and every moment we interact with one another is shaping who we are and creating history. I was blessed to have crossed cyber paths with Brooke Lough just a few weeks ago when I learned of her breast cancer benefit on Facebook. I somehow stumbled into the events page on my Facebook when I noticed an event that a lot of my friends were attending. I was not invited to the event but with the magical powers of Facebook I was being notified of my non-invitation. In most cases this would have been another thing to over look like FarmVille invites or a pesky friend request from a Russian bikini model.  But for some reason I clicked on the event that read “Brookes Celebration Benefit.”

Learning from just a few paragraphs about Brookes family, her diagnosis and her strength and will to overcome, I knew I had to meet her. I quickly invited myself and took the liberty to invite everyone I knew as well. For a week leading up to the event I thought about Brooke and her family and what I would say when I met her. In the midst of all that thinking I decided that I would finally fulfill a goal that I have had since I founded Breasties in 2011, which is to donate some of Breasties proceeds to a local San Diegan stricken by breast cancer – Brooke was to be my first beneficiary. I knew I couldn’t tell her at the event but could not wait to establish a relationship with her so I could tell her the news down the road.  On my way to the event I told my fiance Nick my plans to divide the proceeds and as always he supported my decision. I then started thinking about what I was going to say when I met Brooke. Nothing I felt would sound right coming out of my mouth, for example – “Hi, I am the girl that kinds sorta Facebook stalked when I stumbled upon your event and I wanted to meet you because I am extremely compassionate and want to help you, empower you and make you feel beautiful.” It sounds so Hallmarky, or kinda like a weight watchers commercial, you know when Jennifer Hudson says all that feel good stuff but nobody ever believes it…I never know how to express my compassion without scaring people and that is the unfortunate consequence of the society we live in. BUT with that said, like always, I just put myself out there and hoped that something eloquent came out of my mouth! Now, I cannot remember exactly what I said when I did get to meet Brooke at her event on February 25th but I know I was real, sincere and of course compassionate. Before I walked into the restaurant to meet her I told myself, “Don’t tell her your plans yet, its not the place for it.” But that went out the window because I was so excited about sharing proceeds with her that I just blurted it out in the middle of our conversation. I caught Brooke off-guard and she started to cry a tiny bit and it just so happened that a mutual friend of ours was also involved in the conversation and as she heard the news she just couldn’t help but hug me. It felt good, well I mean the hug was nice – hugs are great, but the whole experience felt right. I knew I was where I was supposed to be – right there in that moment.

Since meeting Brooke I have officially met my Susan G. Komen 3-day goal and can now split the proceeds. I am going to go with my original math and split it 80/20. After the 3-day in November I am going to change my charity beneficiary  (the 80%) to the American Cancer Society, because ALL cancers deserve funding.

I am so grateful to all who helped me reach my milestone and am excited for a new journey. Blessings of kindness and support are to infinity and beyond!

Peace, Love & the magical powers of Facebook,

Elisabeth Hope Foreman