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Little Love

LittleI got the best news on Tuesday and I have had to wait until now to announce it because I have been so busy!  I am blessed with so many things in life, one of those many blessings is my cherished relationship with my Little. No we are not in a sorority but yes, she is my Little. She is my Little because she is smaller than me although she is taller, I feel like it is my duty to protect her. She is my Little because she is 7 years younger than me and even though that seems like a  significant age difference it never held us back from becoming so very close from the start! And she is my Little, because everyone thinks we are sisters, which I LOVE, even though we really don’t think we look alike but our personalities are very similar. Like she said when she spoke at my wedding in July of last year “We share the same soul” That could not be a truer statement.

She makes my heart smile every day with her contagious spirit, sarcasm & innate ability to make me feel beautiful inside and out…I didn’t think my heart could get any warmer and then it did…

Little knows how much the breast cancer community means to me. And although after walking my first 3-day last year and counting bunnies along my 60 mile path because they reminded me of her & seeing a pile of dogs in a cheering section – wishing Little was there with me to talk in her animal voice- I never wanted to ask her to walk with me in 2014. Of course I thought about it but I knew if thats what her heart desired she would be there. She is a busy college student working hard at accomplishing her own goals. I just didn’t want to make her feel obligated because I have to remind myself my passions  – while I know she supports them and quite possibly be my biggest fan, are not everyone’s passions.

photoBUT what was I thinking? After all, we share the same soul. Which is why I should not have been shocked when she told me as we were (ironically) on a walk, that she has decided to join team Breasties in the 3-day  this year. I was overwhelmed with emotions, chills covered my pasty white legs (I should not have been wearing shorts in January) I always knew how much she loved me and supported my desire to be a part of the cure but in that moment I realized I had a true blue stuck like glue friend for all of eternity. I mean, we always knew we would grow old together – we already have our retirements planned. Spoiler alert: it involves, moo-moo’s, mexican food & a puppy plantation. Needless to say we will have plenty of time to fill in all the details when we walk along side each other with Mr. Personality (my brother) of course, as we continue the FIGHT against breast cancer.

I am counting my blessings today more than ever  and I am so pumped for the 3-day 2014! If you would like to get involved or join our team click here or ask me how you can help!

Peace, Love & Friendship

Elisabeth Hope Adkins