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Big HUGS to Stacy!

stacyI’m so PROUD to say that I know this incredible woman. I was BLESSED to meet her at the start of my Breasties journey. Stacy believed in me so much her friend Victoria (a breast cancer survivor) mentioned in the article and pictured here (article link at the bottom) and herself were one of my very first Breasties prints. Stacy has raised over 1 million dollars for breast cancer via the American Cancer Society and has turned her passion into a lifestyle. I can remember one of the first conversations I had with her she hugged me so tight and I later learned hugging is her “thing” when she asked for a “hug” themed Breasties painting. Anything for this amazing woman, but do you know how hard it is to create a hug themed painting ; )

This journey in philanthropy has so many highs and Stacy is by far one of the highest. I look forward to working with her in the future as Breasties makes the transition into contributing more to the American Cancer Society

Click to read the article that Stacy was recognized in to learn more about just how AMAZING she is! 


Peace, Love & HUGS

Elisabeth Hope Adkins