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Certified Orgasmic

Faerie OrganicThe verdict is in! Faerie Organic mineral foundation is everything it said it would be and more! I received my sample pack about two weeks ago, and since then my face has been absolutely dazzling. I have to say it is unlike any other foundation I have used before. It is light on my skin while still providing great natural looking coverage. I love how even my complexion looks when I apply it, and the best part is, a little goes a long way. I know I sound like a paid spokesperson for Faerie, but I swear, I am just a happy customer. : )

My foundation history was far from stellar.  I have used MAC Studio Fix for over 10 years and it did not do my skin any favors.  It took me a while to discover that MAC was drying out my skin and leaving it discolored and lacking natural oils.  The reason I was under the MAC spell was simply because the coverage I received from their product was great. But I finally realized, I wouldn’t need the coverage if my skin was not so damaged from the very product that I was using to cover the damage to begin with! Are you with me? I understand, its a bit monotonous, like a lot of other promising products out there.

After realizing I needed to make a change I did what millions of women did in search of that all mighty foundation that promised great coverage and healthy skin.  I purchased Bare Minerals. I liked the weightlessness of the product but after a few months of using it, I found that it no longer provided the coverage I was seeking.  Keep in mind, I do not have unruly skin. I have healthy, moderately dry skin that just needs a little help in the “even complexion” department.  So because the Bare Minerals failed to make me feel as if I had that perfect even complexion I continued on my search.

After researching for my blog posts Face The Facts, and The Real Truth About Cosmetics, I found that little to no foundation offered in department stores or popular beauty supply stores across the nation actually had REAL ORGANIC make-up on their shelves.  I found that although Bare Minerals is deemed a Certified Organic product by the FDA, that unfortunately does not mean it is safe. Like a lot of things the FDA approves Bare Minerals still contains toxins that can be harmful to our skin and most importantly our health!

Some of the ingredients to look out for are: Parabens, talc, micro-particles, & bismuth-oxychloride (which is a mineral metal that is processed with tin and copper, that often causes skin irritation) Other ingredients to steer clear from are any words that you do not understand or are not explained to you on the label.  One more thing, a lot of cosmetics contain preservatives, which can also be harmful.  Preservatives are formulated using parabens which have been linked to cancer, so look for products that are 100% preservative free!

Alright, did you take notes? Well if you did, good for you! But  you dont need them.  I have already done the leg work for you. You are welcome : ) Now click the link below and enjoy the liberating feeling of using a product that does what it promises.

Order a sample kit, to ensure that you fall in love the same way I did!

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