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The real truth about our cosmetics

ToxinsWe all enjoy a new shade of lipstick, the latest scent of shampoo, new cologne or perfume, or the hottest new eye shadow. But are we even aware of what these products are doing to our bodies? I will be the first to admit, I had no idea that every day I was pouring more and more toxins into my body! The average shampoo has ingredients that have been linked to cancer, and although the FDA claims that the level of toxins are so low they will not harm our bodies, this is actually not the case.

Our bodies are exposed to these toxins every day! How can something that we expose ourselves to everyday not have an affect on our bodies? I find these facts very disheartening and it makes me question how much of this so called freedom am I really being allowed to practice? Although I am not an expert on this subject, I am now an advocate. Its seems that the people of the U.S.A are having to search for their own answers from cosmetics, to food safety. We have to protect ourselves from the so called “regulations” of the Government, for their idea of regulations is to keep the wool pulled over our eyes, rather than giving us a voice or a say in the products we buy, and our over all quality of life.

I have provided a link to a very intelligent and credible resource. At The Story of Stuff Project, you will discover what we as consumers are being exposed to on the daily, and what you can do to help change this epidemic. Please take a few minutes to watch the short video it beats reading all the info and you will be glad you did!

The Story of Stuff Project

Peace, Love & Truth