Posted on by Elisabeth

Always by my side.

My baby brother and I, 1987

My baby brother Brian was my first best friend and for the next 3 days he is my partner in the quest for a CURE !

We are all packed and ready to walk, all we have left to do is get a good nights sleep! I am so thrilled to be spending the next 3 days walking for the cure with my little brother. Since the beginning Brian has always supported me in all my ventures. We have a sense of trust that is undeniable and a bond that cannot be explained.

Our hearts are full of love and compassion and for the next 3-days I am sure Brian and I will share tears, laughter, love & joy as we share in this beautiful journey of HOPE.

I truly believe the 3-day has so many powers and I am looking forward to soaking up all it has to offer.

Thank you for getting us to the start line. We will carry all of you with us because we couldn’t have made it here without you.

Here we go! Hope to see you on the route!

Peace, Love & Breastie Brothers,

Elisabeth Hope Adkins