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Jill’s Wish

JillHeadshot1I know I’ve shared this before but I could’t help but share it again. Jill’s story has been captured in such a beautiful way. Please take 15 minutes and watch her video. It is truly HUMBLING. You will smile, cry & count your blessings.

Jill’s cancer has spread but she is still determined to touch as many lives as she can and help people get through the financial struggles cancer brings on to let people focus on recovery. Click the link to see the inspiring & touching video Jill made that inspired me to help people feel beautiful. Click Here & scroll down to watch the video.

She didn’t have a beautiful & empowering website & Facebook page when I first heard of here and I am so excited to share that her mission aligns with Breasties mission in that we both want to remind you that “you are beautiful, don’t you dare forget it.” In Jills words “Rock what you got!” Love her vision and her strength through HOPE. Thank you Jill for being such a BEAUTIFUL person inside & out.

Please like her page on Facebook to support the cause

Peace, Love & Jill’s Wish,

Elisabeth Hope Adkins