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Beautifully Bald

She isn’t going crazy or preparing for an acting role but she is playing a role, the role of the ultimate best friend.  Kellie Pickler has been country music’s sweetheart since we first heard her twangy tunes on American Idol back in 2005.  Since then, she has shared her personal struggles through her hit single Wonder and empowered young women with song lyrics from hits like Red High Heels and Best Days of Your Life.  

Certified Orgasmic

Faerie OrganicThe verdict is in! Faerie Organic mineral foundation is everything it said it would be and more! I received my sample pack about two weeks ago, and since then my face has been absolutely dazzling. I have to say it is unlike any other foundation I have used before. It is light on my skin while still providing great natural looking coverage. I love how even my complexion looks when I apply it, and the best part is, a little goes a long way. I know I sound like a paid spokesperson for Faerie, but I swear, I am just a happy customer. : )

My foundation history was far from stellar.  I have used MAC Studio Fix for over 10 years and it did not do my skin any favors.  It took me a while to discover that MAC was drying out my skin and leaving it discolored and lacking natural oils.  The reason I was under the MAC spell was simply because the coverage I received from their product was great. But I finally realized, I wouldn’t need the coverage if my skin was not so damaged from the very product that I was using to cover the damage to begin with! Are you with me? I understand, its a bit monotonous, like a lot of other promising products out there. (more…)

Face the facts

Have you ever noticed that woman that doesn’t wear make-up, looks beautiful and has great skin? I know I have; and I am always so envious! My mom is a great example of someone that has probably worn make-up only a handful of times in her entire life (doesn’t need it) and never uses anything but plain ol’ soap to wash her face! I mean, I understand that some of us are just natural beauties and some of us have little flaws like dark circles or discoloration, whatever it may be, nobody is perfect. But I wanted to touch on this subject because I did some research about my own skin and found that the products I have been pouring onto my face since I was 15, are actually causing my skin to age faster and take on more issues, than if I were to have just gone without.

You see it all goes back to a concept I like to call manufactured demand.  Large corporations like our beloved Johnson & Johnson, and the Proctor and Gamble’s of the world have been creating manufactured demand for decades.  We as consumers see ads telling us how inadequate we are as a woman or man,  and how we can look and feel better if we buy their products. And unfortunately we buy into it. Think about it for a second…picture yourself in the cosmetic section of a department store. How many products are there for diminishing wrinkles, smoothing, moisturizing, hiding, fading, covering, etc.  Not to mention the toxins packed inside these pretty little packages. (more…)

The real truth about our cosmetics

ToxinsWe all enjoy a new shade of lipstick, the latest scent of shampoo, new cologne or perfume, or the hottest new eye shadow. But are we even aware of what these products are doing to our bodies? I will be the first to admit, I had no idea that every day I was pouring more and more toxins into my body! The average shampoo has ingredients that have been linked to cancer, and although the FDA claims that the level of toxins are so low they will not harm our bodies, this is actually not the case.