Breasties Party

Breasties Bachelorette Party Thank you for your interest in hosting a Breasties Party! Here you will find all the information you need to know. One rule I enforce: You have to have fun! It’s a good excuse to get your girlfriends together and let loose. At the end of the night I hope that I leave everyone feeling humbled, empowered and BEAUTIFUL. Please read the following details thoroughly and let me know what you think! Click here to contact me to get your party started! Breasties Party Set Up

Breasties Party Plan

Time frame: Approximately 2.5 hours Host: Is responsible for inviting up to 12 guests. All food and drink will need to be provided by host or assigned to guests by host. A final head count should be provided at least 10 days before the scheduled party date. Party production: I (Elisabeth) will be in charge of the flow of the party. I will bring décor, painting supplies, pens and pencils and clean up supplies. Breasties Brainstorm: The Breasties Brainstorm gives the guest an opportunity to think, write and maybe even draw out their vision for their Breasties Heart Breast painting. This is passed out at the start of the party so the guests can work on this throughout the duration of the party leading up to the time of their breast print. At this time the guest will be introduced to the canvas size options as well as the creative concepts. All guests will put their name and contact information on this sheet so I can contact them when their painting is finished. Breasties Testie: Is a short little quiz that sheds light on some important facts about breast cancer and some silly facts that will induce a little giggle. A prize is given to the guest that receives the highest score. Painting Prints: The painting begins! I will take one guest at a time through the print process! Once a guest has done their breast print they have officially become a Breastie. A toast to the new Breasties will follow after the last print is done. Party Portrait: After all the prints are done, I ask that everyone grab their canvas and get together for a picture. (This photo will also be featured on the website) f friends were flowers, I'd pick you

Breasties Print Party Pricing (That’s a tongue twister)

Canvas Pricing: 18" x 18" - Heart Breast paintings - $80 to $150 (based on the level of artistry required) 8" x 8" - Bits of Breasties - $40 - $60 (single breast print) 4" x 4" - Bits of Breasties - $20 - $40 (single breast print) Deposit: Each guest that does a print will put a $20 deposit down on their painting the day of the party. It is a deposit, so it will go towards the purchase price of their painting. The remaining price of the painting can be paid for upon completion of the painting. Mileage: I will drive up to 15 miles for free, after 15 miles, I charge $5 every 3 miles. Tips: Tips are always a nice little bonus! Pick up party: Because of the nature of the process, I will bring all of the paintings home with me and work on them in my free time. This process usually takes 4 – 5 weeks depending on the level of artistry for each painting. A pick up party can be scheduled the night of the breasties party to assure everyone will be able to make it! Proceeds: 80% of proceeds go directly to Susan G. Komen for the cure and the remaining 20% goes to other cancer charities such as Pancreatic Cancer Action Network, American Cancer Society, Childhood Cancer Charities and Melanoma Research Society. Most of my funding goes to Susan G. Komen to get me to the 3-day and then after that fundraising is done I contribute to the other cancers I mentioned above. If you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to ask, just click here! Bits of Breasties

Custom Order

I don't make it until you order it! All of the Breasties collections are custom pieces. If you like a painting you viewed in the gallery, I can recreate it! If you have your own unique concept - send me a message and we can collaborate! Breasties is designed to be a personal and empowering journey for you and I, so don't hesitate to create a custom order. I would love to hear your ideas and I am always willing to create new pieces! If you don't want to do the breast print, you don't have to! I can get a breast print donated by another Breastie - no problem. Click here to place your order today, I look forward to hearing from you! Peace, Love & Breasties Elisabeth Hope Adkins