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Ice Bucket Brilliance

Most of you have probably seen this already BUT just in case, I’m sharing it with you. The upside to wasted water – Awareness for a killer disease that get’s overlooked like many other diseases just simply because it is not profitable for the pharmaceutical company’s to find a cure. The genius behind the Ice Bucket Challenge probably knew exactly what he was doing. He created awareness simply by capitalizing on today’s trends. The average person does not know what ALS is and although some feel even after dumping a bucket of ice water on their heads most participants still may not be aware – but the possibility of their reach (awareness in turn) is ENDLESS.

According to Facebook stats the average person has approximately 338 “Friends” not to mention all the other platforms these infamous challenges are being shared on. With that reach of 338 on average shared by over 1.2 million people and growing the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge ┬áhas reached over 500 Million. And yes, not all of those individuals understand or take the time to learn about ALS, BUT many are opting to take the challenge AND donate to the cause simply because they feel they are a part of something bigger than themselves. Ordinary people are sharing the Ice Bucket Challenge with their families in hopes to teach their small children about philanthropy. Some simply jump on the opportunity to get wet on camera because they think they look good and others (me) like being a part of something that is creating a wave of positivity around the world!

140811-boston-ice-bucket-challenge-1350_26906d39ac7ead702b45e5b7707b8dc6Whatever your motive be, I support it! I understand the wasted water has already become an issue BUT I am willing to skip a shower to save a life or simply make ALS more tolerable for some. As a philanthropist myself I find the challenge honorable and intelligent. Although the original guidelines of the challenge may have been misconstrued, the trend in which it has created momentum for a good cause is something I am willing to accept. Big hugs and high fives to the brave man in this video and many prayers of HOPE to all in the ALS community.

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Peace, Love & ALS

Elisabeth Hope Adkins